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Story New Collection Ubuntu-Wear 2017

March 1, 2017 0 Comments

From the moment we left the Netherlands on September the 12th, we were always on the lookout for new opportunities, inspiration, and products for Ubuntu-Wear. Besides the freedom new adventures and new experiences, producing new products for Ubuntu-Wear was one of the main reasons we left home and choose this life.


First Stop, Thailand

Our first longer stop was Chiang Mai. We chose this town in the North of Thailand because there are a lot of other digital nomads. Our main focus was networking and gather some new information. We connected with a lot of businesses and got a lot of inspiration while being there. Chiang Mai has a great urban scene and we were very surprised to see the nice street wear styles (See more here).

After Chiang Mai, we went to Pai. Where Chiang Mai is a very modern and inspired us because of the urban Scene, Pai is a little more authentic/hippie. This was the perfect place to go after Chiang Mai, for a Culture Inspired, Urban Fashion, and lifestyle brand. In Pai, we saw a lot of cultural inspiration. We loved to get inspired while walking down "walking street" and see the great shops Pai had to offer. In Pai, we produced bracelets which will be available in our webshop soon.


After Thailand, we went to Vietnam. The purpose in Vietnam was to make some clothing production happen. This did not go as planned. When we connected and talked with some businesses in Vietnam, we soon became aware of the fact that we needed to prepare a lot more before you start producing clothing (or whatever) in Asia in general. A little bit disappointed we left Vietnam. What to do next?


Go with the flow!

But fortunately, the universe has our backs! We went to Bali and met some amazing people. They guided us to the right places so we still could do some new production. With this new collection as a result! This collection isn't produced in Asia as we hoped to do. But we are already making some preparations for our next production in Asia. Still, we assimilated some of the Chiang Mai street style, the Pai Authentic vibe, and our own touch into this new collection! We are very happy and proud to introduce to you our first new collection of 2017! Take a look at our new products here or Take a look at all our products in our shop!

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